Triumvirat  is one of the most talented progressive rock groups ever. Led by 'maestro' keyboard genius Jürgen Fritz, Triumvirat stunned even the most casual rock fan with its virtuoso performances featuring the legendary vocal work by both Barry Palmer and Helmut Köllen, and technically superior drumming by Hans Bathelt and Curt Cress.

Now, in 2002, Triumvirat returns to the international music scene to take care of a little "unfinished business". A new album, "The Website Story" has been recorded by Jürgen Fritz, with Grant Stevens, John Miles, Curt Cress, and TM Stevens among others. Additionally,  the entire back catalog of Triumvirat albums has been remastered by EMI records (including bonus tracks), for a rescheduled 
September 20, 2002 release

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