"Mediterranean Tales: (across the waters)"
Album Lyrics


Part 1 - Overture - (no vocals)

Part 2 - Taxident (Fritz/Bathelt)

When the hell broke loose at midnight,
time to die was near
golden tongues, disastrous fire
increasing human fear
sounds of prayers
to God had faded
there was no escape
burning bodies, crowded sundeck
told them it's too late

Death by fire, an awful question
but they still could choose
burned to ashes
so getting drunk
nothing left to lose

Part 3 - Mind Tripper - (no vocals)

Part 4 - 5 o'clock tea (Fritz/Bathelt)

"Be home for tea",
the queen told me
when I was leaving
to see the three down on their knees

Begging for mercy... (chorus)
it's all been fun
the hanging is on
what has been told to
death has a face
savings from grace

He has to leave why... (chorus)
but for the chain
I will just be away
the carefully prepared execution
it seems that to me
that I must run
some deal with utter amusement... (chorus)

Dropped in for tea
She's waiting for me
switched on the Tele
and smashing it cried
ending the fight

Haven't seen us with valet... (chorus)
"Be home for tea",
the Queen told me
when I was leaving
to see the three narrowly free
all the way from the backroom... (chorus)

Part 5 - Satan's Breakfast - (no vocals)

Part 6 - Underture - (no vocals)

ELEVEN KIDS (Fritz/Bathelt)

You thought I loved you, like you did
but I was telling lies
and when the end came suddenly
still love was in your eyes

Go out and find another man
aboard the Auto-moped
but first make sure he's smelling good
and then just go to bed

The restaurant has closed the door
still, knock and I will let you in
although I still remember
a lot of places where we've been

Please begin to realize
that your love has gone down the drain
your efforts never changed my mind
to me they're all in vain

I knew whenever I thought of you
As my woman with eleven kids
(I'll bet if I tried, it wouldn't fit)

(repeat all)

E MINOR 5/9 MINOR /5 - (no vocals)


I listen to your footstep when you're walking up the flop
I'd like to love you babe
But you won't give me more
You don't understand today

Came back from a Party which is to be as foretold
I am so very sure then to meet you in this door
Your don't understand the way

If you will gave a little chance in order to show you
Then I can give you more than I know how to do
There's no interest at all

I listen to your footstep when you're creeping up the flop
You're wrestling with you're key and you're tired of picking doors
Have a good time I'M in your bed

Living is all of the dead-ended life
No need to fail if you don't realize
Living is mostly what they've never seen
Working for something that they'll never be

I'm looking for the way to write my symphony
Refreshing words all we can give the needed misery
It is the period of shame

I'd like to join the force to fly away from all
Which are preventing me from realizing facts
Which never been confronted to my rule


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